Welcome to our Finance Sister Shop! Here you can find all resources we have created for our Sisters – starting with our first free short guide to our 5 Finance Sister Steps to our comprehensive e-Workbook including spreadsheets and exercises and our brand-new 6 weeks course to get you started to take control of your Finances.

We want to make sure that all those resources are useful for our Sisters. Marie-Eve and Victoria spent hours, days and weeks discussing, writing and designing each aspect of the book and e-mail course from scratch and we are confident that it includes everything you need to get started as an investor. We also believe in fair pricing to make our resources as accessible as we can to you while covering our costs. Lastly, we are proud to offer a money back guarantee should you not find our resources useful.

Thank you for supporting our work buy buying or recommending our resources. You help us to keep Finance Sisters going!

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