Our sessions are at the heart of what we do - connecting with like-minded women to talk about ways to take control of your finances and "Rule Your Financial World".
Our workshop format aims to kick-start the journey towards a positive financial future. We delve into the most important mindsets to achieve financial goals and provide theoretical and action-oriented points to get started. 
Our most popular workshop format is 90 minutes long and delivered by both Victoria and Marie-Eve. This workshop is structured to deliver the following outcomes for participants:
  • Understand the 5 steps to successful personal financial management
  • Gain a basic understanding of common investment terms and concepts
  • Demystify investing, including the "why" and "how" of starting to invest
  • Recognize psychological factors and mindsets important for investing
  • Equip participants with the tools to set SMART goals
  • Develop the motivation to take control of one's financial world
The most important aspect is to tailor our sessions to the target audience to have a positive impact on participants- inspiring them and bringing the "dry theory" to life! Talk to us if you want to know more or see how we can help you or your organization!

Some impressions from our sessions

Thanks a lot for your very engaging, fun, and interesting presentation. I enjoyed it!
This has really brought investing to the front of my mind. I need to make my money work harder and you have certainly helped with this.
The Finance Sister Workshops had a clear and simple explanation of a quite difficult topic with practical advices and good examples.
One of my top workshops during this incredible conference!

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