About us

We are Victoria Mallinckrodt and Marie-Eve Menger, and we have been investing for over 20 years in different assets and have always enjoyed talking to each other about investing. 
Over time we increasingly realized that many women are interested in investing, but do not know how and where to start. So we founded the Finance Sisters to help other women get on the right track towards a positive financial future.
More and more research shows that women are disadvantaged when it comes to financial wellbeing. We earn less, we are more likely to take career breaks and we live longer than men, so it is really sad to hear that poverty in old age is a big problem especially for women. We want to fix that and create as many financially secure and happy ladies out there as we can. 


You can find out more about us on social media.


Disclaimer: The Finance Sisters are not licensed professionals, financial advisors or tax professionals, and the content we present is for information and entertainment purposes only. We strongly recommend that our sisters out there conduct their own independent research before making any financial decisions.

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