Email Course – Rule Your Financial World in 6 Weeks


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A 6-week email course to introduce you to everything you need to help you rule your financial world.

You will need a programme to read PDF and Microsoft Excel or another programme to open the spreadsheets
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“I need to sort my finances, but I don’t know where to start!”

Our 6-week email course delivers weekly content, activities and tips directly to your inbox. Whether you are  just starting out or already being engaged with your finances, you will find specific tips, inspiration, exercises and spreadsheets  to get started and engaged with taking charge your Finances.

Your journey towards a positive financial future starts here!

Here’s what to expect in our weekly email:

  • An explanation of the topics that are covered for the week, based on our 5 Finance Sister Steps
  • Exercises for the topic of the week, including in some cases spreadsheets to help you make calculations
  • Links to further resources such as YouTube videos, Websites, Games, Podcasts and books.
  • Activities have a recommended time that you might need to complete them, some start from 5 minutes! 

You will receive the first email the day that you sign up and every week on the same day after that. 

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