Rule Your Financial World- A comprehensive guide to becoming a Finance Sister (e-Workbook and practical worksheets)


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For all fans of our free e-book “Becoming Financially Independent” we have created this e-book as a comprehensive guide to becoming a Finance Sister – To Rule Your Financial World. This e-Workbook comes with a free set of spreadsheets to use for your financial planning.

You will need a programme to read PDF and Microsoft Excel or another programme to open the spreadsheets
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We created this comprehensive guide for all of our Finance Sisters – whether you are  just starting out or already being engaged with your finances, you will find specific tips, inspiration, exercises and spreadsheets  to get started and engaged with taking charge your Finances.

This book comes with a free set of worksheets to use for your financial planning.

It contains over 130 pages of 

  • Financial basics you need to know
  • The 5 Finance Sisters Steps to taking charge of your financial future
  • Engaging exercises to get you started with thinking and planning
  • Actionable tips and powerful mindsets 
  • 5 practical and easy to use worksheets provided as an Excel File

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The e-Workbook includes 5 practical worksheets